so I was in Tallahassee this past weekend

and my first night there I went out to this bar called Stetson’s. It’s a country bar, but the DJ plays 30 minutes country then 30 minutes rap. so during one of the rap sets, RIP by Jeezy came on. I was standing by the dance floor and saw about 5 Sigma’s strolling. shit was pretty cool cause they were on point and everyone got out of their way haha. I wish I knew how to stroll.

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Yung la flare



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Black hole bonanza in ‘next door’ Andromeda galaxy.

Twenty-six new black hole candidates have been discovered in the neighbouring Andromeda galaxy. According to the astronomers involved, these could be just the tip of the iceberg. Details of the find will be published in the 20 June issue of The Astrophysical Journal.

Photograph: Dimitar Todorov/Alamy

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